F1, Nico Rosberg has already rejected the Ferrari of 2023

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A championship yet to be finished, a crushing already cashed in for the next one.

Ferrari in trouble even in 2023, with a gap to Red Bull that will not be filled. This is the opinion of Nico Rosberg, who at the microphones of the British editorial office of ‘Sky Sports’ did not hide about the Cavallino’s future prospects. Nor was he soft on that same Mercedes that made him world champion in 2016.

“For Ferrari, but also for Mercedes, approaching Red Bull in the coming season will be really complicated,” Rosberg said. Who then went into the reasons why he is so skeptical about growth that would allow the Maranello-based Rosse to be a serious contender in the fight for the next world title.

“In Red Bull they have the best car, during the year they manage to put in great development. They are the best regarding strategy, now they also have reliability and an engine that seems to be running great. Plus theirs is the best driver on the grid, or at least on par with the best there is in Formula 1 right now,” Rosberg explained, thus also praising the talents of Max Verstappen.

“These are all the reasons why I think it is difficult for anyone right now to think about approaching a team that is living a magical phase in its history,” the 2016 world champion added. According to which even the winter will not help Ferrari complete its path to becoming a winner again.

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