F1, Lewis Hamilton outspoken on George Russell: “I’m the one doing the hard work.”

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Mercedes driver is outspoken about teammate

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, interviewed by ‘BBC Sport,’ spoke about his teammate, George Russell, in his first year with the British team.

“George is doing a great job, I have no problem with him. But George and his team don’t do the same experiments that I do on weekends. But it happens because I’ve been here a long time and I’m willing to take those risks. I have great conversations with engineers who have been here ten years, for example, Shovlin and I have many constructive discussions. George, in his first year with the team, is doing the job to the best of his ability, with no major set-up changes. I’m the one doing all the hard ‘labor’ work, back and forth with the setups, with the wings and things like that. But still, I like it,” explained the British driver.

“If we have a more satisfactory car next year, then we can focus more on other things, without going crazy with set-ups. Then we can give birth to a better internal battle. If he finishes ahead of me this year, I won’t worry about it. We are not leading the world championship, we are fourth and sixth. If we were first and second it would be different,” Hamilton continued.

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