Pablo Marí is alive by a miracle: “Height saved him.”

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Adriano Galliani spoke with the Monza footballer.

Pablo Marì is probably alive by a miracle. This was made clear by Adriano Galliani, the Monza CEO, who had a chance to speak with the Biancorossi’s Spanish defender, who was injured in a shopping mall in Assago.

“He told me that he had the child in the trolley, his wife at his side and that he did not notice anything. He told me he felt a very strong cramp in his back: it was the stab wound. His size probably saved him, because he was hit high. Then he saw a person being stabbed in the throat. A shocking situation,” explained the Brianza executive.

“The boy has injuries to his back, mouth, but fortunately there is no injury to his lungs or vital organs. All his teammates wanted to visit him, we told the boys to stay put. Pablo Marí is lucid also said that he will be on the field Monday night. And that he had ‘suerte’. There is a person who died and he knows it too. To the victim’s family I send a message of closeness and affection,” Galliani added.

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