Gianmarco Calleri, the moving memory of Giancarlo Camolese

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Gianmarco Calleri, the moving memory of Giancarlo Camolese

At the microphones of, Giancarlo Camolese recalled Gianmarco Calleri with these words, “He was a very important person for me. I met him when I was a player at Alessandria. I remember him as a very brave president because he left Alessandria and took a Lazio that was going through a really complicated moment. He did it with courage, so much so that he brought me and two of my other teammates from Serie C to Rome: something you don’t see every day considering the differences in category.”

“Calleri was a very good entrepreneur and his sporting masterpiece was at Lazio. His skill was to surround himself with very competent people like director Carlo Regalia and coach Eugenio Fascetti, who was later also at Torino. He and his brother Giorgio were very skillful at a time when soccer was probably more complicated than it is today.”

The former Torino man then looked at the Toro of the present: “I have always spoken highly of Ivan Juric’s work because the group seems very compact and with clear ideas. I am sorry that he did not manage to pick up a positive result in the derby because it would have been the icing on the cake of a season in which Toro has always been on the left side of the standings. The road is the right one: to grow further, as Juric himself asks, a few grafts will be needed.”

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