Bari and Ternana, summit assault missed: 0-0 at San Nicola

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One point each, and the top of the standings fades for both.

Bari and Ternana stop at 0-0 in the challenge at the San Nicola with a scent of high ranking. Both teams were aiming for first place in Serie B, currently shared by Frosinone and Genoa. The draw, however, keeps them both behind: the Umbrians are now third, -1 from the two leaders, fourth at -2 the Galletti.

Those who came close to scoring several times but failed to find it were in any case the hosts, who even in the 20th minute went resoundingly close: in fact Scheidler had managed to beat Iannarilli, but from an offside position promptly detected by the Var. Also very dangerous was Cheddira, who in the first half misfired and in the second called Iannarilli to the miracle. There is also time for a cross by Botta. Ternana in the final misses the mock goal with Pettinari, then is saved as time expires when Sorensen closes the door on Galano. No goals, but the promotion race for both continues.

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