Valencia, Max Biaggi gets emotional: “I couldn’t ask for more.”

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Sterilgarda team boss Max Biaggi: “I am proud of what we have done.”

Sterilgarda team boss Max Biaggi commented on his team’s last Moto3 race, with Sasaki’s fourth place and McPhee’s tenth: “This last race of the Max Racing Team in Moto3 was very emotional for me. It has been six years since the Max Racing Team first took to the track, and I am absolutely proud of what we have been able to achieve over the years. I have worked hard to be able to achieve these results and today I feel satisfied. I leave a team that will be able to fight for the World Championship next year. I would say I could not ask for more. There is always some sadness when you change the road you are on, but at this point it was necessary to do so, to regain the enthusiasm that has always driven me.”

“I want to thank everyone who allowed this to happen and finally wish Ayumu and the entire team the best of luck in competing for the 2023 Moto3 World Championship.”

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