Sebastian Vettel rules out a future in F1 after retirement

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Vettel will not stay in the world of Formula 1 after his retirement

Sebastian Vettel, who will face his final two races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, has given an interview to ‘Der Spiegel’ in which he says he does not want to return to F1, either as a driver or as a TV commentator.

The Aston Martin driver began, “To get answers to the questions that were open, this period in Aston Martin was important and contributed to my decision. The fact that I am not currently sitting in a car where I can show what I am really capable of has contributed to my retirement.”

“They are a priority for me, but on the other hand I am very consistent in my sport and every year it gets harder and harder to do the right thing for them, also because there are more and more races per season,” he said about his family.

So he ruled out staying in the world of Formula 1: “I don’t know. I haven’t made any plans yet. But I’m not sure I don’t want to watch the races. Formula 1 has been my priority in life for 16 years. Now, secretly, I hope I can do without Formula 1 and not be in withdrawal.”

“If you like doing something, you can hold on to it, but I want to choose the path of detachment, to distance myself from it and realize it. There are enough other exciting things in life. I will be able to open the next door and find my happiness there. That is why I will certainly not stand in front of a camera at the first race (in 2023) as an expert, with a microphone in my hand, and do my part. My role models are the people who have been successful by diving in and taking the next step in life,” Vettel concluded.

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