Marco Bezzecchi reveals Ducati’s secret

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Mooney VR46 Racing Team rider reveals the secret of the Ducati

Mooney VR46 Racing Team rider Marco Bezzecchi revealed the secret of Ducati, victorious in both the constructors’ and riders’ championships, in an interview granted to ‘Tuttosport’.

“It is undeniable that the bike is scary, the real difference is that we have more on the track. That’s the big advantage, even more than simply having a powerful engine and competitiveness to the nth degree. In MotoGP all the bikes are good and each has its strengths, but we compared to others have in addition the ability to study and look at a considerable multiplicity of data. The comparison with others then spurs me to work harder and better, but not because you race with Ducati. With Yamaha or Honda it would not have changed, since I always want to put myself behind everyone, to try to get as far ahead as I can,” admitted the centaur, in his first year in MotoGp.

“Racing an Italian bike is a dream, and at Borgo Panigale they have adopted cutting-edge working methods. In development they are impressive, plus they are willing to throw their hearts over every obstacle to achieve victory. From this point of view we share the same mentality, the same paradigm,” Bezzecchi continued.

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