Dinamo Sassari, Federico Pasquini has no doubts about Piero Bucchi

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Federico Pasquini defends Piero Bucchi

Dinamo Sassari general manager Federico Pasquini gave an interview to ‘La Nuova Sardegna’ in which he emphasized his trust and esteem in coach Piero Bucchi, a guarantee from which to start again after the championship break for the national teams, engaged in the FIBA 2023 World Cup qualifying competitions.

“Bucchi is very good,” Pasquini stressed, “We cannot think every time something goes wrong that revolving doors for the coach are the optimal solution. Now we have to take advantage of this break to work well. The guarantees we can count on are work and a great coach. Of course we are not happy with the position in the league and Champions as well as the performance, but also with the fact that so many times we have gotten up from similar situations.”

He then returned to the defeat against Trieste: “We played a bad game and we did not expect it. We were very disconnected with each other both on offense and defense. I think the Trieste match doesn’t need much commentary. Right now it is clear that we are wrapped up. We lack the ability to reproduce in competition what is done in practice.”

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