F1, Red Bull punished now throws accusations: ‘Six teams at risk’

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Red Bull, punished for budget cap violation, now points finger

Red Bull throws accusations over budget cap: the Austrian team, punished a few days ago for violating the 2021 spending limits, now points the finger at other teams.

Attacking is Helmut Marko in Auto Motor und Sport: “I think six teams are currently above the budget cap limits. Inflation is something that was not calculable up to this point, especially with regard to energy costs.”

“The danger for 2022 is that there could be six teams not meeting the cap,” Marko continued. “Energy prices have been exponential. There is a possibility that the cap will be violated by several teams, many of whom have stated this during F1 Commission meetings. I don’t think Red Bull will exceed the cap, but these penalties set a precedent for the future.”

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