What Red Bull in the future? Toto Wolff speaks out at Mercedes (and Ferrari)

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A sealed future, an insider’s (very authoritative) word.

Red Bull celebrated Max Verstappen’s second consecutive drivers’ title at Suzuka, and is preparing to win the constructors’ title as well. Despite recent controversies related to the budget cap, however, the feeling is that the Anglo-Austrian team’s dominance is not destined to stop at the end of 2022. Toto Wolff thinks so, sending a clear message not only to his Mercedes, but also to Ferrari.

“Red Bull is in a very favorable position. And this applies not only to this year, but also to the beginning of next season,” is the premonition of the Mercedes team principal, intercepted by ‘Channel 4’. In other words, in Toto Wolff’s opinion this year’s dominators could be confirmed even in the more immediate future, to the detriment of Ferrari as well.

“We had the porpoising problem to solve this year. This, together with the delays in the development of the single-seater, has set us back a lot of time,” Wolff added about Mercedes. “However, it is natural that if we were to continue to figure out what our problems are and development proceeded smoothly, we would be able to catch up with some speed.

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