Sonny Colbrelli, new life as ambassador and promoter

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Sonny Colbrelli’s future

Sonny Colbrelli, now a former professional cyclist after he suffered a cardiac arrest in March, has started a new life with the team to which he was and is tied with two more years of contract, Bahrain-Victorious.

This was made known by the team’s general manager, Milan Erzen, speaking of an ambassador and promoter role: “Team Bahrain was born in 2017 and Sonny has been with us since the first year. He will stay with us at least until 2024 because we are sure he can still give so much. We never had any doubts about that. First of all, Colbrelli will be an ambassador, a promoter of the team and of several sponsors, including Italian ones, that we have. Then, especially for the classics, he will be able to make his experience available. He has a lot to teach and pass on.”

“A future as a sports director? As a rider he was good at making immediate decisions in seconds, which is also a very important aspect for those in the front office. We’ll see.”

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