Ettore Messina enjoys the numbers against Trieste

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The words of Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina can be satisfied after the game won against Trieste: “I hope the second half will help the team get unstuck a little bit. We needed to play a chunk of the game with good percentages and see the ball inside, finishing with 24 assists. I hope it can be a positive moment going forward.”

Olimpia Milano’s coach also took stock of injuries. “We had a good quintet out. Shields is still on crutches. At the end of the month there will be a checkup to see where he is at. Datome contracted a virus, not Covid, that forced him to stay in bed. He is much better now but has not been able to start rehabilitation yet. We are talking about weeks for him as well. Tonut has been out a month since the day of the injury, you do the math. Baron is the only one who has resumed doing some technical work at the conclusion of the rehabilitation part. He could play a few minutes in Treviso if all goes well.”

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