Brescia, Magro list Reyer’s merits ahead of Eurocup ‘derby’

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Germani Brescia prepares for all-Tricolor challenge in Eurocup against Venice

On the eve of the all-Tricolor Eurocup challenge between Germani Brescia and Umana Reyer Venezia, Lombardi coach Alessandro Magro spoke in a press conference listing, among other things, the merits of the team coached by Walter De Raffaele.

“We face the all-Italian derby with Reyer Venezia, a team that is still wisely led by coach De Raffaele but that has changed so many players compared to the habits of the past,” Magro explained. “That’s why Umana needs time, for the team to get to know each other and to perform at its best. The potential of the roster, however, is all to be seen: this is a very deep and versatile team that has the ability to change its skin from game to game or even within the same contest. It has experienced players for the Italian league and for the international level, it has a lot of physical size in all roles to be effective defensively and, on the offensive end, it has players who can hit in very different offensive situations.”

“We will have to be good at containing their physical impact and the initiatives that come from their pick-n-roll,” the White and Blue coach went on to say, “fight inside the rebounding area to try to dictate the pace of the game, try to raise the tempo of the game and involve our public, which can and does be the real sixth man on the court.

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