Trent, Mattia Udom highlight evidence of steps forward.

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Mattia Udom highlights strides made by Lele Molin’s men

Aquila Trento player Mattia Udom spoke about the positive period of Lele Molin’s men, who are coming off three consecutive wins between the league and EuroCup.

“We are working to establish fundamental balances, on defense and offense, and I think we are reaping the reward of synergies that are working. The defeat against top-ranked Virtus had left us with a bitter taste in our mouths, we have learned from our mistakes and confronted them in the knowledge that we can do better,” the player explained to ‘L’Adige’.

“This streak is proof of that. To have defeated three teams of enormous playoff potential-Lagunari from the playoffs, Spaniards from continental summits, and Marche of remarkable shooting ability and intensity-is a reward for our will to succeed against all rivals. Even in Ankara we had not performed badly. We learned from our mistakes. Ever since this collective was formed, we all had the perception that we could compete at a high level,” Udom continued.

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