Red Bull, Max Verstappen already thinking post F1

©Getty Images

Max Verstappen is clear: “I won’t race until I’m 40, I like endurance.”

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is already thinking about the post-Formula 1 era: the two-time world champion reiterated that he is unlikely to race until he is 40, like Lewis Hamilton.

“I don’t think I will race at 40, there are too many races and it’s too far from home: then, I want to do something else. F1 is fun and I am getting great results, I will be competitive a few more years, but after that I want to fulfill other experiences,” are the words reported by Formulapassion.

The Dutch driver has a contract with Red Bull until 2028: what happens after that is an unknown. “I want to have fun with less commitments and less pressure, I like Endurance, it’s a solution.”

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