Cagliari, a former identifies the problem: “It’s like Parma last year.”

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Alessandro Budel compares Cagliari to last year’s Parma

Alessandro Budel, former midfielder of Cagliari and Parma among others, made some statements to the microphones of Pianeta Serie B, identifying the Sardinian club’s problem.

“In my opinion, Cagliari has the problem of last year’s Parma: a team full of strong players, but struggling to adapt to the category,” Budel stressed. “When you get into that mood, you need the experience and quality players to make the leap. I remember when I won the championship in Parma we started off very badly because we were struggling. Then Guidolin came along with experienced players and we won the championship by scoring about 45 points in the return leg. We will see if Cagliari can do the same thing.”

Then he also had his say about the ducal club: “As for Parma, it is strange: they started well and with the right mentality. In the last two at home with Modena the episodes condemned the ducali, while with Benevento the knockout hurts because it was not well played and the Sanniti put them under. Even quality players struggled to take charge of the team.”

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