Radja Nainggolan, broadside from Antwerp president.

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Radja Nainggolan, broadside from Antwerp president.

Reached by the microphones of sporza.be, Antwerp president Paul Gheysens spoke about the situation related to Radja Nainggolan: “There is serious interest from abroad. It will depend on him and his condition. Here unfortunately he could no longer play, it was impossible to continue with this group. This does not mean that we will part angrily, on the contrary, we have resolved everything in a very amicable way. I simply believe that Radja has already written his story, at the disciplinary level I don’t think he is at the level of great athletes anymore.”

Paul Gheysens then went on to thunder against the former midfielder of, among others, Cagliari and Roma: “There are players like Modric who at 36 are still fit and others who at 30 are no longer fit. Radja unfortunately is among the latter.”

Radja Nainggolan was born on May 4, 1988, in Antwerp. Football-wise, he grew up in Germinal Beerschot before moving to Piacenza in 2005. Cagliari signed him in 2010 and on the island the Belgian midfielder made 132 appearances in four years, then moved to Roma where he stayed from 2014 to 2018. After being bought by Inter Milan, he was sent on loan to Cagliari twice, then returned to Belgium in 2021.

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