Nick Kyrgios blurts out, “People don’t get it.”

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Nick Kyrgios blurts out, “People don’t get it.”

Nick Kyrgios returned to talk about his retirement from the tennis world to the microphones of Eurosport: “I really mean it: if I won a Slam I would probably retire, but I also explain why. Coming from Australia I am forced to do a lot of traveling, I spend a lot of time away from family and away from friends. When I travel I miss my affections,I don’t live a normal life.”

“No other tennis player who is not Australian understands this. It’s easy for a European or American player to play a tournament, take a five-hour flight home stay there for a week before leaving again. As an Australian you make travel blocks of four to seven months. I don’t think that’s healthy. No other real athlete does that in the world, in any sport.”

“People don’t understand it,” Nick Kyrgios continued, “but it’s not easy at all to live with a suitcase in a hotel. It’s definitely not like a vacation because I have to train a lot and the lifestyle is very strict for us athletes. There is one aspect in tennis that people don’t understand: the fact that there are different personalities. I think tennis is actually one of the few sports where there are literally players from all over the world. I don’t think people know behind the scenes how stressful it is.”

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