Piero Bucchi and Stefano Sardara in chorus: “Unacceptable.”

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“Today’s refereeing performance was totally inadequate,” the two said in chorus.

Dinamo Sassari lost 86-76 at the hands of Umana Reyer Venezia, coming out of Taliercio with their heads held high at the end of a match in pain due to the absences of Treier and Gentile, and a heavy foul situation during the match. Coach Bucchi ejected in the final for protests. The 30 fouls whistled against the Sardinian team, and other refereeing decisions ill-digested even by the management, caused grievances to erupt at the end of the match

Here are the statements of president Stefano Sardara reported on the club’s official Instagram profile: “I’ll just say that on two occasions the referees told us that they were in fact wrong. Total points conceded in just those two actions, 8! As a club we were patient and understanding, because we knew the difficulties that the refereeing organization had, and aware of the time needed to revive the category. I respect Gigi Lamonica and truly appreciate the work he is doing, but there is no more time to wait. Clubs invest and the field, just the field and the players, have to be the ones we talk about at the end of the game. Today the refereeing performance was absolutely inadequate and as an investor in the basketball world, I can no longer accept that.”

He is echoed by Coach Bucchi, in the words reported by the club’s official website, “Great guys, today we also had Jones with intestinal problems in addition to the absences of Gentile and Treier, but I must absolutely compliment the team for the way they played. The refereeing I didn’t understand, very strange. Tolga Sahin comes and tells me that since he gave two free throws he can’t go back on the decision and then makes the free throws after the foul had clearly been on the ball. The first three quarters we systematically went into the bonus right after not even two minutes, we committed 30 fouls, I get angry and I think also rightly so and I also take the ejection, free on free not to be awarded, a situation that I cannot accept, very serious. We should ask for clear explanations from the referees, congratulations again to Venice but congratulations also to my team, unacceptable situation.”

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