Serie B, Bari not enough for Cheddira: internal knockouts also for Cannavaro and De Rossi

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Frosinone disposes of Ternana with authority and responds to Reggina, which had routed Ascoli in the afternoon

Great emotions and, as usual, great surprises in the always unpredictable Cadetto championship, now in its 19th day, the last of the 2022 calendar year. In the first match of the day, a draw that serves no one between Brescia and Palermo, while in the afternoon Reggina and Pisa show once again that they are really serious about the promotion race, going on to win respectively on the fields of Ascoli and Spal.

Surprising then, as important as it was, was Perugia’s affirmation at home to Benevento, while Parma squandered a double lead on the field of Venezia, getting caught up by the Lagooners in the 82nd minute. To finish, in the last two matches of the day, top-ranked Frosinone overwhelmed the hapless Ternana 3-0, while Genoa expelled Bari’s San Nicola thanks to goals by Puscas in the 2nd minute and Gudmundsson in the 58th minute. Inutlle, for the Apulians, the goal in the 33rd minute by Moroccan Walid Cheddira, back in record time after his unforgettable World Cup adventure.

Here are all the results of the last day of the Serie B first leg:

BRESCIA-PALERMO 1-1 50′ Galazzi (B), 52′ Segre (P)

ASCOLI-REGGINA 0-1 64′ Rivas

BENEVENTO-PERUGIA 0-2 45’+1′ Lisi, 83′ Luperini

CAGLIARI-COSENZA 2-0 65′ Lapadula (Ca), 86′ Lella (Ca)

COMO-CITTADELLA 2-0 4′ Arrigoni, 72′ Mancuso

SPAL-PISA 0-1 54′ Sibilli

SOUTHTIROL-MODENA 0-2 22′ Magnino, 81′ Armellino

VENICE-PARMA 2-2 45′ penalty and 50′ Vazquez (P), 70′ Pohjanpalo (V), 82′ Pierini (V)

FROSINONE-TERNANA 3-0 38′ Mulattieri, 54′ Insigne, 72′ Garritano

BARI-GENOA 1-2 2′ Puscas (G), 33′ Cheddira (B), 58′ Gudmundsson

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