Valentino Rossi, Carmelo Ezpeleta now confesses, “He must not repeat himself”

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MotoGp boss: “We don’t need too heated rivalries to attract attention”

MotoGp boss Carmelo Ezpeleta said he regretted the 2015 World Championship finale in an interview with Motorsport: “Riders don’t need to fight to attract people. In 2015 there was that beastly spike of interest that we had following the incident between Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo, but I already said I didn’t like it. Maybe I’m being too honest, but I think the rivalry should be about wanting to win. I honestly believe that if we are not able to convey that sport should project these values, we are the ones who are on the wrong path.”

The situation in the paddock is now different, calmer. Many regret the media battles of yesteryear, but not Ezpeleta: “A few days ago I was given an award for the values our championship conveys. Our riders show mutual respect. Rivalry is a good argument to sell, but we can find others. For me, winning is good, but without making fun of the loser. I think these shares can be sold. If you have to sell more, I’m not the right person.”

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