Valentino Rossi goes wild on Fiorello: “I would finish seventh…”

©Getty Images

Former MotoGp centaur Valentino Rossi participated in Viva Rai2

Nine-time world motorcycle champion Valentino Rossi was the protagonist of an entertaining speech on Viva Rai2, the program hosted by Fiorello. The former MotoGp centaur spoke briefly about his new life: “Now I race in a car, with a BMW, in endurance races, I miss motorcycles, every now and then I go to the track, I also ride dirt bikes.”

“What position could I aspire to if I still raced in MotoGP? I could do seventh…,” wryly replied the Doctor, who then also tried his hand at a series of quizzes for his license. The rider from Tavullia got one question out of three wrong, the one referring to the position of the traffic officer when he makes the sign to slow down, which is equivalent to the yellow light of the traffic light.

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