Dinamo Sassari knocked out, Piero Bucchi explains major regret

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A heavy defeat, with admission of guilt at the end of the game.

Dinamo Sassari lost in overtime to Brescia, which prevailed 94-92, and now finds itself outside the top eight in the Serie A standings (to be precise, it is 11th). And the consequences are obvious, as coach Piero Bucchi explained after the game.

“Beyond the compliments that it is right to give to Brescia, we had directed the game in the most appropriate way. Unfortunately, however, in the fourth half we got a little lost,” Bucchi admitted. “This in particular bothers me, because we had found the edge and the rhythm. But also because we were ahead by 15 points.”

“At that moment we should have kept the necessary cynicism, and not allowed them to come back. We needed a little more coolness. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it, and we also have to deal with the bitterness of being out of the Italian Cup,” Bucchi concluded.

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