Ivan Juric has no illusions and sets the goal

©Getty Images

“I don’t like not having a clear goal.”

Speaking at a press conference on the eve of the match that will see his Torino side engaged at Salerno’s Arechi in the 12:30 p.m. match on Sunday, Ivan Juric spoke about his side’s momentum after the home draw against Hellas Verona.

“It will be a difficult match, they are a very good team, coached very well. It will be a very tough match,” the coach began. “Our goal? I see it difficult to stay attached up there…There are the big six, we cannot compare ourselves to them in terms of personnel, structure and everything. But I don’t like not having a clear goal: the goal at this point is to improve and do the best, but we can’t say ‘we want to get there.’ Everyone has to have a clear goal, ours is to save ourselves because that is our reality, and I want to improve the team as much as possible. There is work to be done. I hope we keep this structure by improving other aspects,” Juric concluded.

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