Olimpia Milano, Messina’s deputy clear on Athens trip

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Mario Fioretti clear on Athens trip

On the eve of the trip to Naples, where Olimpia Milano will face the men of Cesare Pancotto, newly promoted to head coach after Maurizio Buscaglia’s exoneration, Ettore Messina’s deputy Mario Fioretti explained what the meneghini will have to change from the Euroleague game they lost to Olympiakos.

“We are playing against a team that comes from a difficult period but, as often happens in these cases, the change of coach could give them an extra boost especially on the emotional level. As a team Napoli has five athletic foreigners, at least three of whom, Michineau, Howard and Williams, have excellent scoring skills, plus three Italians who are now to be considered solid veterans in our league. Against this team we will have to be able to express ourselves with greater continuity over the course of the game than in the Athens test where we expressed ourselves only in flashes,” said the assistant coach of the Red Shoes to the official channels of the Milanese club.

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