Valentino Rossi outspoken about the years in Ducati

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Tavullia centaur Valentino Rossi speaks out: ‘I deserved the tenth World Championship’

Former MotoGp centaur Valentino Rossi at a press conference in Dubai before the start of the 24 Hour race reviewed his MotoGp career, explaining that he has no regrets, not even about his decision to go to Ducati: “That period was difficult for me, but I don’t regret making that decision. It was a great challenge, me as an Italian rider on an Italian bike. If we had won, we would have made history.”

However, the Doctor admitted one regret when thinking about his long career on two wheels: “I regret not winning the tenth title. Especially because I thought I deserved it based on my level and speed. Twice I lost the title at the last race of the season,” are the words reported by Corsedimoto.

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