Eurocup: Brescia knocked out, Alessandro Magro tough on referees

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Bad night for the Italians in the Eurocup

Bad night for the Italian teams engaged Wednesday night in the Eurocup: Trento in fact lost to the London Lions, collapsing in the last period and losing 70-84 at home; Brescia, engaged on Riga’s parquet against Prometey (a Ukrainian club ‘hosted’ by the Latvian capital), was defeated 79-72, a score that matured in the last minutes of a balanced match.

Just talking about Germani’s defeat, coach Alessandro Magro’s statements in the press conference did not go unnoticed; he was very harsh with the direction of the game: “We played a good first half, respecting our game plan and protecting the painted area well. We were less focused in the second, losing too many balls and conceding too many offensive rebounds. They were only scoring from the lunette at one point, though.”

“Euroleague (which organizes the Eurocup, ed.) has a problem: this is the third away game in a row that I see a below-average level of refereeing. I don’t want to take anything away from our opponents, they deserved to win, but the referees disappointed me,” Magro added.

“In the future, on our part, we have to pay attention to lost balls and team defense. But I hope we think about the refereeing issue because it was a really bad game,” he then concluded.

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