NBA, another misstep by Los Angeles Lakers

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Another triple double for Jokic

Denver’s positive moment continues as it also rules Minnesota (122-118) with the usual immense Jokic (31 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds). The Nuggets’ record gets more and more interesting (32-13). Another false pass by the Los Angeles Lakers, beaten by Sacramento (116-111, 32 points by James).

Atlanta surprises Dallas (130-122) while Washington wins the challenge with New York (116-105). Good Charlotte (122-117 against Houston). Memphis, in a sprint, overcomes Cleveland (115-114). New Orleans surrenders to Miami (124-98) while OKC folds Indiana (126-106). Finally, Utah prevails in its showdown with the Los Angeles Clippers (126-103, three points for Fontecchio).

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