Milan, Ettore Messina’s appeal to fans: “Let’s help the players.”

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Olimpia coach: “I am primarily responsible, work will be evaluated at the end of the season.”

Olimpia Milano coach Ettore Messina sent a message to fans in one of the most complicated moments for the Milan team in recent seasons.

“I am addressing the Olimpia fans, who are rightly disappointed and disoriented by the worst moment of these last three years. The team struggles on defense and clearly suffers on offense, as is evident to all.”

“I am primarily responsible for building and managing the team on a day-to-day basis, as ownership is well aware, which, as always, will evaluate my work at the end of the season. Sports have always told stories of difficult years after exciting moments and vice versa. We are living one.”

“Now, our goal is to help the players regain confidence and belief in their own means, so that they can play according to their abilities, and to recover those who are injured. It will not be a short or easy path, but to be completed it needs the contribution of each of us.”

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