Luciano Spalletti doesn’t feel like a champion already

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Luciano Spalletti’s words

Luciano Spalletti is not singing victory even at +16 over Inter: “Here on the piece we care about our city, our fans. And this chance to do important things. Everyone senses it, in fact maybe too much, since in the first half we were not as calm in the giropalla as we usually are. We got a little nervous on some lost balls and it was more difficult. Then from there Cremonese used their tactics, with the wide fifths, and made us lose energy having to defend on the many balls they put into our penalty area. In the second half then much better and when we turned the ball over with more order I applauded because that’s what we have to do, that’s our team.”

“The availability is total right now. We have professional players, good guys, they all train well and they are all willing to spend runs to coach the team. They have to be ready to destroy themselves on the field for a result because a result can make a difference. So we need that attitude here.”

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