Verona, striking a blow for salvation

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Hellas Verona-Salernitana 1-0

Zaffaroni’s Hellas Verona wins the salvation clash against Salernitana 1-0 at the Bentegodi. Suffered but fair victory, decided by Belgian talent Ngonge in the first half and legitimized by several opportunities against a Campania lineup that came close to equalizing at the end of two halves. The Veronese’s comeback continues, rising to 17, two less than fourth-last Spezia; Salernitana 21. Next round: Roma-Hellas Verona; Salernitana-Lazio.

First half. A minute’s silence for the thousands of victims of the earthquake that struck Turkey and off to contention. Barely a corner on each side in the first quarter of an hour. On the second shot from the crossbar for the Veronese, Lazovic beats it, the ball crosses the entire Campania area without any Gialloblù being able to intervene. For Verona, it is the first, crucial direct clash not to be missed, after the excellent evidence provided at the resumption of the tournament; for Salernitana, a new defeat jeopardizes the advantage over the same Hellas, third last. One play could shift the axis of the competition. Lazovic has it in the ropes, great outside center, the guests take refuge in the corner twice in a minute.

On the second: ball dancing in the box, Argentinian Gaich’s first-time strike, Bentegodi sighs, ball wide. Verona grows with Lazovic rising to the fore on the left, vertical opening for Ngonge, ready to strike, deflected, ball in the net but the referee intervenes: offside (31′). It starts again on 0-0 but lasts one minute. Lazovic, uncatchable on the left, centers, collects the usual Ngonge, lurking at the second post, who kicks first: goal, Verona-Salernitana 1-0. Hellas has the doubling ball at the tail end of the half. In the same action: Lazovic shooting from the middle of the area, ball rebounded, De Paoli breaks in, ball sky high. But Zafferoni’s team is in danger of being mocked by Dia, who unleashes (47′) a fine diagonal, aimed at the second post, just wide. Start of resumption same teams on the field but Campani, with a different flair, gains the field. But it is Ngonge (9st) who misses a “moving” penalty: ball in the corner. From the bench of Salernitana Nicola sends in Piatek, Sambia and Coulibaly. Just Coulibaly tries from a good position, his slash is rebuffed by the Veronese rearguard. Changes in Hellas in the 20th minute: in goes Abildgaard and Dawidowicz. The Scotsman Doig (24′) with a disruptive action takes the Campania defenders for a ride: in the area he comes into contact with Pirola. Penalty for the match director but called back by the Var, he reverses his decision: crystal-clear intervention by the Salernitana defender, who restarts with a goal-kick. Hellas fails to close it out, keeping their opponents in the game. 29′: Sambia’s free kick from outside, central woodwork, Montipò puts his fists on it. In Hellas, Lasagna also enters. Verona again close to doubling: usual Lazovic from the left, scrum with three yellow-blacks but the rearguard saves. In the Salernitana enters Valencia first, Gyomber; in the Veronese Verdi and Faraoni. Piatek, launched on a counterattack, sends a thrill through the Bentegodi: Montipò, amazing, deflects his conclusion into a corner in the 42nd minute. Six minutes of recovery time. Another Salernitana chance with Dia: great hook on the edge and shot just a whisker away from the post. Final minutes of suffering for Hellas, which holds out until the end. Triple whistle: Verona-Salernitana 1-0.

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