Matteo Berrettini under attack: Nick Kyrgios defends him

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An important defense against the colleague who came into the eye of the storm.

Matteo Berrettini is going through a complicated phase in his career, also exiting the top 20 of the ATP rankings after the disappointment of the Australian Open where he was eliminated in the first round. And his temporary break from tennis to regain better condition has drawn him several criticisms, but not those of Nick Kyrgios.

In fact, the Australian decided to use Twitter to stick up for Berrettini after Nicola Pietrangeli’s broadside. “But isn’t it his choice to give himself priorities? I can assure you this, off the tennis court he is making more money than Sinner. And for some of us, money is important,” Kyrgios wrote on the popular social network.

Kyrgios’ post came in response to one by Jose Morgado, who had reiterated Pietrangeli’s words. “It seems to me,” the latter had said about Berrettini in an interview with ‘Repubblica,’ “that he is devoting himself more to publicity than to tennis. He’s a good guy, but he’s a bit like Adriano Panatta was: great from the waist up, but the legs….”

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