Sofia Goggia mocked in Kvitfjell, Austrian hat trick

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Sofia Goggia comes close to podium in SuperG but is penalized by weather

Sofia Goggia enchants in the SuperG in Kvitfjell, but is mocked by the weather and misses the podium. The skier from Bergamo, after winning the specialty cup thanks to her second place in Saturday’s downhill, also enchants in the SuperG event where she stays in the lead until the change of weather that favors the athletes who came down after her.

Thus, the Austrian Ortlieb won the race, ahead of her compatriots Venier and Gritsch, all favored by the easing of the wind and snowfall. Mocked and fourth was Sofia Goggia, who nonetheless consoled herself with her best result of the season in the discipline.

The other Azzurre disappointed but Elena Curtoni, 12th, managed to keep the leadership of the specialty ranking ahead of the last races.

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