Gigi Buffon pulls straight: his fate is tied to Parma

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At 45, Buffon has no intention of quitting at all: “There was something unthinkable and exciting”

Gianluigi Buffon has no intention of quitting. The 45-year-old Parma goalkeeper in an interview with Domenica Sportiva explained his intentions for the future: “The moment I’m on the field, people immediately understand why I keep playing. It’s the only thing that really gives meaning to what I do. And then there are others, I’ve always liked to spend myself for the causes that I feel are mine, the ones that I feel close to me that excite me.”

And among them is definitely the future of Parma: “After the initial 10 years, there had been this gap and to be back at 43 years old is something unthinkable and exciting. And excitement produces a fundamental thing for those who play sports: that is energy. And I have energy to spare, so if the body holds me, the energy remains this and the performance remains what I do on a weekly basis, I have no reason to stop. Except to get bored with it, when I get bored with it. But that could happen the moment it was back to Serie A with Parma and I had finished all the goals.”

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