Juventus, Federico Chiesa reveals backstory on darkest period

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Federico Chiesa reveals backstory on serious injury

On the sidelines of the presentation, via Twitch, of a documentary dedicated to his long rehabilitation after his serious ACL injury, Federico Chiesa returned to his most difficult moment, revealing that he was scared not so much during the stoop, but close to returning to the field.

“I had the thought that something similar might happen to me again in the first training sessions with the team after completing rehabilitation,” he said. “Fortunately, it passed when I actually returned to play, despite some negative flashbacks.

“In the misfortune I can say I was lucky,” he added, “because to treat me there was Juventus, one of the most important clubs in the world, which has the best facilities at its disposal at the medical level and not only. This is also why I respect even more those who play in less emblazoned teams and categories and manage to come back from an injury such as a torn ACL.”

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