Juventus, social spat between Dybala and fans

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Dybala responded to fans who criticized him for his jubilation

Paulo Dybala’s jubilation after Roma’s victory in the post-match match against Juventus upset many Bianconeri fans, who expected a different behavior from the former great.

On social media, many supporters of the Old Lady harshly criticized the Joya with venomous messages. The Argentine striker on his Telegram group wanted to respond like this, “I know it is difficult for you… it is also for me… but today I am playing for another team and with other teammates to whom I have to give respect as well!!! Winning is never easy and for us it was important..!”

“Respect will always be there … don’t be fooled by social media. I did not cheer a goal … and I didn’t get in anyone’s face! I celebrated with my teammates a victory..! I’m sorry you see it this way…I send you all a big hug! I love you,” the albiceleste wrote.

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