Marc Marquez, raw backstory on injury and diplopia

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Honda centaur Marc Marquez recounted in detail what happened after the first operation

Marc Marquez in his documentary “All-In” recounted in great detail a behind-the-scenes account of his very serious injury in 2020, following the first operation on his right humerus. After the Jerez crash, the Catalan had tried to get right back in the saddle following the arm operation: a risk paid dearly.

“It was Monday at 7:30 a.m. Every day I walked the dogs for 45 minutes. I forced open a sliding door, felt a pull and said ‘damn.’ I looked at my arm, it had a bump, and I said, ‘What’s going on?’ I woke up my brother Alex and my physiotherapist Carlos, I started to feel dizzy and lay down on the bed. Carlos grabbed my bone and it broke. He turned pale and we went straight to the hospital.”

Marquez also talked about diplopia: “Diplopia specifically is when you see one head here and another head here, it’s not like one eye not seeing. If I covered one eye, I could see perfectly. But when both eyes were open there was a slight deviation.”

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