Tacopina: “I spoke to Trump about Spal.”

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Spal president reveals conversation with friend Donald Trump: “If I challenged him…”

Spal president Joe Tacopina at the microphones of Italian Football Podcast revealed the curious backstory of his friendship with Donald Trump: “We had some discussions about Spal, he knows I’m here. He called me the other day while I was at the stadium. He called me right after we scored a goal.”

“We scored like four goals all year, so God forbid I enjoy one of our goals for more than 35 seconds! But that’s okay, that’s normal when you’re representing someone like the president.”

“If I challenged him and said ‘you will never win anything with Inter,’ then he would probably buy Inter to prove me wrong,” Tacopina continued. “He likes soccer but golf is his real passion. He is not a passionate soccer fan, but he understands and likes the sport.”

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