F1, Mercedes flop: Lewis Hamilton throws accusations

©Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton does not hide his irritation after the Black Arrows’ false start

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton expressed all his anger in an interview with the BBC over the Black Arrows’ forgettable start to the season. The German team seems to have got the initial design wrong again: “Last year I exposed the problems of the W13 car: I have driven so many cars throughout my career and therefore I know what a single-seater needs.” However, the W14 looks too much like last year’s single-seater: “I think it’s a matter of responsibility, someone should say ‘we didn’t listen to you, the car doesn’t behave as it should and we have to work’.”

Hamilton expected anything but that, but he still wanted to express confidence in a team that has won him six world titles: “We are a multi-win team, last year and this year we couldn’t make a good car, but that’s not to say we won’t be able to in the future.”

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