Simone Inzaghi holds on to Romelu Lukaku

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Simone Inzaghi’s words.

Ahead of the match with Spezia, Simone Inzaghi spoke in a press conference about Romelu Lukaku: “We know his value, he came from a problematic period and now he is giving very good signs. He trains in the best way every day, he scored an important goal with Porto and we want him to continue to raise his condition.”

“Dimarco is fine, he is summoned. Correa did partial work in the group, however, he will not come to La Spezia with us. Skriniar on the other hand is unfortunately still out, we hope that when he returns from La Spezia he can join us. Let’s see. Brozovic is working very well, I am satisfied. He made some very good entries on the field, for example with Porto and Lecce. From day to day his condition will improve and he will return to being the player we are used to knowing.”

“You know, initially my career was based on another form. Here at Inter and in the last years at Lazio in my opinion there were the right characteristics of the players to play this way. We got very good results, then during the match you can always change,” he concluded on his 3-5-2.

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