Brindisi, Nick Perkins confident ahead of Olimpia Milano

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Brindisi, Nick Perkins confident: “We have talent and a lot of confidence in our means”

Happy Casa Brindisi will face Olimpia Milano on Sunday, March 12, for the 21st day of Serie A. A few days before the match, Nick Perkins, U.S. center of the biancazzurri, spoke about the upcoming competition and his team’s moment of form.

“The loss in the first leg was one of the most difficult moments of the year. We played very well on that occasion and felt like we were robbed by that fluke at the end of the game that gave them the two points. That was very difficult to digest. However, Sunday will be a different story and it will be an opportunity for us to show the rest of the league how talented this group is,” the center explained to the “Quotidiano di Puglia.”

“I don’t know if we can consider ourselves as the loose cannon of the tournament. We managed to find our rhythm and confidence in our means. It took longer than expected, but there are still many games left in which we will try to make up for the lost ground,” added the 1996 class.

“The key was the team. It was a win where everyone made their contribution. We distributed minutes, points and responsibilities well and the result rewarded us,” concluded Perkins about the success with Pesaro in the previous round.

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