Sudtirol, Bisoli blunt: “Good point, but Parma crushed us”

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Pierpaolo Bisoli blunt: “Great result, Parma crushed us”

Following the scoreless draw with Parma, Sudtirol coach Pierpaolo Bisoli spoke to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’ to analyze the performance of his players.

“In the first half we did reasonably well. We never suffered throughout the match and with lucidity we managed to bring home a great result. We earned a very important point, even though Parma crushed us in our half of the field. I can only congratulate them for what they did today,” the Bolzano coach began.

“Today we found one of the strongest teams in the league. In great difficulties we showed that we did not break down and remained lucid, and this will allow us to give everyone a hard time. We know our strengths and weaknesses, but today I think it is an important point that we got thanks to the concentration we maintained from start to finish. Despite the several chances Parma had, I think the most difficult save was made by Buffon on Rove,” Bisoli concluded.

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