Lecce, Sandro Mencucci is unbalanced on Baschirotto’s future

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Lecce, Sandro Mencucci is unbalanced on Baschirotto’s future

Lecce is expected to face Fiorentina on Sunday, March 19, which is valid for the 27th day of Serie A. A few days before the match, the Salentini manager Sandro Mencucci, as well as former CEO of the Viola, expressed himself at the microphones of “Radio Bruno” about the match and the future of some players in Baroni’s roster, one of them being Baschirotto.

“Corvino has been fantastic. He managed to build a great roster with a limited budget. In January Maleh arrived, whom I consider a great guy and worker, and I hope he can stay at the end of the season. Of course, everything depends on whether we can save ourselves. Baschirotto surprised me with his ability to adapt so well to the central role. In the future I see him in a big one, but even in Florence he would not be bad,” the Salento club executive began.

“I am returning to Florence as an opponent for the first time. I can’t wait to get on the field and experience again the sensations that the Franchi gives. This Fiorentina is strong and it will not be easy to play against us, but we have to take the field with great confidence in our means,” Mencucci concluded about the encounter with the Viola.

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