Marc Marquez on the attack: “It’s getting harder and harder to listen to us.”

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There is no shortage of difficulties, and here comes a new explanation.

Marc Marquez on the attack, about the well-known difficulties that he personally and Honda in general have been facing since last year after the explosion of Ducati’s dominance. And according to the Catalan, it is MotoGP itself that has evolved in a way that he believes is almost excessive.

“Every time it becomes more and more difficult to follow what the riders are saying,” said Marquez, as can be read on ‘’. Aerodynamics change a lot the balance of the bike, but also the way you ride and brake. That’s why pandering to the riders’ requests gets more and more complicated.”

“I hope, however, that what happened with Aprilia and Yamaha happens to us,” added Marquez, about his Honda. “My hope is that we understand the way forward, because I think the current one is not the right one. If only for the show. For the moment, we still have to move forward with what we have in hand.”

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