Trento mocked by Tortona, Molin: “Sorry to lose like this.”

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Dolomiti Energia coach: “We lacked quality in the second half.”

Trento coach Lele Molin bitterly commented on the 73-75 loss to Tortona at home: “It’s sorry to lose like that, because we had two very good quarters where in terms of quality, energy and play we had gained an important margin. We knew the game would not end there, because we knew Tortona would react and keep playing: in the second half we lacked quality, running into too many lost balls and with our outsides struggling to find their way to the basket.”

“The low percentages in the second half were mostly the result of bad choices, we lacked lucidity: we never backed down, but in the long run Tortona was able to put more continuity and compactness on the court.”

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