F1, Vasseur categorical about hierarchy in Ferrari house

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F1, Vasseur categorical: “You have to push hard with both. Carlos lacks nothing compared to Charles.”

During an interview with the Spanish newspaper “AS,” Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur spoke clarifying the hierachies within the Prancing Horse stable.

“I have spent 30 years at the pit wall with young drivers and in the youth categories there is no first and second driver. Everyone has the same material. For me the situation is like that in Ferrari as well. Then, at some point in the season, based on the results we may be forced to make certain decisions,” began the team principal of the Maranello-based stable.

“If Perez wins the next two races and Verstappen retires, I don’t think anything would change in Red Bull at the hierarchical level. These situations can happen anywhere, just think about the 2016 season with Rosberg and Hamilton. Nobody expected Nico to beat Lewis and win the World Championship. What matters is to push with both drivers and then the championship will make the decisions. Carlos lacks nothing compared to Charles. Both have the ability to bring home points, podiums and wins,” concluded Vasseur.

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