F1 Ferrari, Vasseur urges calm: “Updates coming soon”

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Ferrari’s team principal is back to talk after a poor start to the season

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur makes an appeal for calm after the first two races of the Formula 1 season, which were strongly negative for the Cavallino. According to the French executive, everything is still in play: “I think you have to keep calm, it’s not that everything is going badly. It’s a phase where you have to think as a team and how to improve the situation. I think the Red Bulls are still catching up, it’s not the right attitude to think about the gap, to think about whether we will be able to close it and so on. We have to focus on ourselves, we know our weaknesses and we have to improve them,” are the words reported by the official F1 website.

The will is to constantly improve the SF-23: “We will see the result when we have taken a significant step forward. If you start thinking about what the future potential could be with developments, you are lost. We know we have to work, it’s the DNA of our sport, and it doesn’t just depend on this situation, we have to work no matter what, we’ll do it and we’ll push like hell. In Australia we will have upgrades, they are already in production and we are following an established program. We will develop the car constantly.”

“The main problem is to be at our best, and at the moment we are not able to do that,” Vasseur quipped. “We are not able to extract 100 percent of the car in every single session. We need to focus on that before thinking about upgrades.”

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