Juventus: Rabiot, more confirmation on his future

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Juventus midfielder sends more messages to the Bianconeri

Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot sent more messages to the Bianconeri club about his future in an interview with Le Figaro: “Renewal? I feel good in Italy, I feel I am constantly growing. In today’s soccer you can’t tell what will happen.”

It is clear that the transalpine champion is waiting for developments, especially extra-football: “I’m honest, at the moment I don’t know anything. It will be seen in a few months. Soccer and the sporting challenge remain the most important elements in my choice.”

Difficult a return to Psg: “Nothing should be precluded, I keep the doors open, but PSG was a phase of my life, I moved on to something else, now I have been in Italy for four years and on the field and in my life everything is going well.”

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