Eddie Jordan slams Mercedes and Toto Wolff

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Eddie Jordan’s words

Eddie Jordan goes back to attacking Mercedes and Toto Wolff: “We saw that last year the car was poor, with ups and downs, but they have eliminated some of that problem. Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time world champion who has a very impressive teammate in George Russell, who so far has exceeded all expectations. I’m critical of Toto Wolff for how he criticized his engineers and how he tried to deflect responsibility, but it was all done under his supervision, so the responsibility is his.”

“It all starts with him, Wolff should face the criticism like a man, like a team leader, like a CEO and face the fact that Mercedes was wrong-the words to Olbg. They are on the same level as Ferrari, but not Aston Martin or Red Bull. Aston Martin is made up of a number of people from Red Bull and they have the Mercedes engine with Fernando Alonso driving the car. They have won two podiums and that is a very good thing for F1. If there wasn’t this enthusiasm and Red Bull continued to win the championship, the decline of Mercedes would be even more obvious.”

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